Bust A Move CrossFit

Bust A Move CrossFit 18130 US Hwy 281 N. Suite 88, San Antonio TX, 78232 • (210) 494-9642
Bust A Move CrossFit Central 7959 Broadway Ste. 504 San Antonio, TX 78209 • (210) 277-0145
Bust A Move North West11255 Huebner Rd., Suite 117 San Antonio TX 78230 • (210) 314-5994

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to help people gain broad and general fitness. Our goal at Bust A Move CrossFit is to help each and every one of our members be the best they can be. We will help you look better, feel better, move better, and in the process create community and friendship.

CrossFit programming concentrates on constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. (Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.) Specifically, we advocate a mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercise, gymnastics, powerlifting and Olympic weight lifting. We modify workouts and their intensities to your needs.

We have a spot for each and every type of person from the injured to the non-injured, from the young to the old, the competitive person to the non-competitive person, the seasoned weightlifter to the person who has never lifted a weight in their life. This is an all inclusive program.

We welcome everyone and are here to help you achieve your goals!

Bust A Move CrossFit

Bust A Move CrossFit North West (Huebner Oaks)

Bust A Move CrossFit Central (Alamo Heights)


Monthly Unlimited
Auto Pay+
1 Month Unlimited+10 Class CardAnnual+Drop-insFirst Time Special*
$119 Monthly AutoPay $159 $139$1200 - Single
$20$20 - Unlimited Classes for 1 week
(Purchase in gym only)
$189 - Monthly Family AutoPay with 2 family members.
$50.00 each for additional family members
$2100 - Family with
2 family members

+all unlimited crossfit packages include unlimited yoga
*available to residents of Bexar and surrounding counties